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Louisiana - The Bayou State

Was named after Louis XIV, King of France.
In 2014, Louisiana was ranked as one of the most small business friendly states, based on a study drawing upon data from more than 12,000 small business owners
Statehood: April 30, 1812 (18th)
Motto: Union, Justice, Confidence
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New Orleans - Popular Streets and Areas

The French Quarter

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Restaurants - Places to eat and drink
Langlois Culinary Crossroads 1841 N. Rampart (Old, Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 934-1010
Palm & Pine 308 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70112 (504) 814-6200

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Places of Worship
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church & Int'l Shrine of St. Jude 411 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70112 (504) 525-1551

Christ Church Cathedral 2919 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115 (504) 895-6602
Historic St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church 222 N Roman St, New Orleans, LA 70112 (504) 586-8381
New Orleans Zen Temple 3600 Napoleon Ave, New Orleans, LA 70125 (318) 451-3418
Reaping the Harvest 5123 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70117 (504) 949-2980
St. Louis Cathedral 615 Pere Antoine Alley, New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 525-9585
St. Mary's Assumption Church 923 Josephine St, New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 522-6748
St. Patrick's Church 724 Camp St, New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 525-4413
Temple Sinai 6227 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118 (504) 861-3693
Touro Synagogue 4238 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115(504) 895-4843
Vieux Carre Assembly of God Church 433 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70112 (504) 524-6401
Vieux Carre Baptist Church 711 Dauphine St, New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 535-5152

Voodoo Spiritual Temple 1428 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 943-9795

Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience
818 Howard Ave. New Orleans, LA 70113 (504) 384-2480
Old Ursuline Convent Museum 1100 Chartres St #2505, New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 529-3040
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